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EP 24 – Stephanie Tejada talks Bad Girls Club and Roast Battles

Stephanie Tejada (@StephanieTejadaa) is a personality and comedian best known for her appearance in “Bad Girls Club, Season 16” on Oxygen, as well as performing at comedy clubs across the nation. On May 15th her film, “Loyalty” by Cristina Cooper premieres in Los Angeles, CA.



As a recent Californian, she has crushed mics all over, including Comedy Store, The Improv and recently Flappers in Burbank, CA. Tejada also does tons of skits, impressions and editorials for magazines everywhere. Oh yeah, check out this Tejada mashup from her Vines & IG videos.

Stephanie is also a Roast Battle winner and owner of the online boutique, The Queens Closet Shop (@TheQueensCloset_Shop). And yes, it’s the same “Roast Battle” that our last guest, Rell Battle, sold to Comedy Central. So we like to keep it all in the family. We hope you enjoy Stephanie, as she DEFINITELY DOESN’T DISAPPOINT!

WATCH Stephanie in ReRuns of “Bad Girls Club” Season 16 on Oxygen!

Stephanie Tejada Bad Girls Club 60 Shots to Fame

Just stared at a video for 20 seconds waiting to load.  It was a picture.” Stephanie Tejada

Find out about Stephanie on her Site, IMDB, Instagram & The Queens Closet Shop.


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Shot List Breakdown

  • 6:45: Stephanie’s high school clique? Chorus, while play sax & clarinet.
  • 8:50: What makes Tejada a Bad Girl? A must listen.
  • 10:05: Bad Girls Club audition process with voices in head
  • 12:20: #FriendOrFoe Breakdown
  • 13:30: Who is Queen of America? Oprah.
  • 18:00: Fighting & breaking bottles over head in club
  • 20:26: If you had one last day with BFF what would you do? Fireball shots.
  • 21:20: Best revenge moment? Getting back at haters.
  • 22:45: Stephanie shares twerking success moments
  • 23:30: ‘Loyalty’ coming soon on Netflix & starring Tejada
  • 24:30: Worst blame it on alcohol moment? Losing $500.
  • 25:10: Eating street dogs literally off the ‘street’
  • 25:35: Murph has a sex tape
  • 26:08: Sexting with Stephanie
  • 26:30: Worst celeb roommate? Orlando Brown & Carrot Top.
  • 27:45: Weirdest thing in friends house? Pet hog.
  • 29:28: How many hearts has she broken? Too many.
  • 30:10: Should Beyonce have taken Jay Z back? Never.
  • 32:10: Best Mother’s Day present? Michael Bolton tickets.
  • 33:55: Find out the CORRECT WAY to say “Bohemian Rhapsody”
  • 42:00: Murph roasts an overzealous Facebook Fan – Vince Villanueva

60 Shot Shout-Outs

  • Vince Villanueva for allowing Murph to Roast you Live on Air

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Thanks for listening and find out about Stephanie on her Site, IMDB, Instagram & The Queens Closet Shop.

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