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EP 29 – Sierra Love on Guardians of the Galaxy, Lingerie Shoots, and Green Cards

Sierra Love (@SierraLovePunches) is an actor and artist based here in the City of Angels. You might know this native-born Californian for her role as a smokin’ sex-bot in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”, her role as “Sally” in the Bruce Willis thriller “Extraction” or one of her many TV appearances like “State of Affairs”. We had an incredible time in the studio with who is sure to become your new red-headed spirit animal.


When this fierce and independent bombshell isn’t melting your heart on the big screen, you can find her courting nature or kicking ass in “the art of eight limbs”, AKA Muay Thai. Sierra also creates her own art in the form of wire sculptures, dream catchers and so much more.

Sierra held her own in our studio of nut jobs as we covered life as an attractive woman in Hollywood, a childhood deprived of jeans, ex-husbands, banana tattoos and her life as a former Jehovah’s Witness. There was no shortage of laughs and inspiration in this week’s episode with this loveable butterfly.


“I’d rather be with someone screwed up and open about it than somebody perfect and ready to explode.” – Sierra Love

If you want to learn more about Sierra and stay up to date with her upcoming projects, check out her IMDB, Instagram and Twitter.


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Shot List Breakdown

  • 1:40: Sierra gets some deep likes on Insta #webecreepin
  • 3:30: Sierra shares how she landed the role on Guardians Vol. 2 #hustler
  • 5:00: How do you handle harassment? Sierra breaks glasses & kicks asses #boss
  • 6:25: Murph confesses secret appreciation for Jehovah’s Witnesses #smh
  • 8:55: What’s something she would change about her childhood? #gimmethejeans
  • 9:58: What’s one historical event you would change? Sierra saves us from #Drumpf
  • 11:30: Weirdest acting project? Sierra dons a wig and lingerie for Cinemax
  • 13:07: Sierra steals her teachers kayak and rows across the football field #noconsequences
  • 14:11: Sierra talks childhood in the I.E. #withoutjeans
  • 15:48: Murph sports a Donald Trump thong for $5 million #sellout
  • 18:42: Young Sierra longs for a TV and a birthday cake #howoldareyou
  • 19:39: When did you realize you wanted to leave JW’s? #lifeinacult
  • 21:15: Sierra finds love in Hollywood and isn’t looking back
  • 23:57: Don’t mess with this wild child! #zerofux
  • 25:10: Sierra and ex-husband green card their way out of JW #freedom
  • 28:45: SC calls BS on Murph kicking a lady out of bed for banana fetish #calledout
  • 32:56: Worst celebrity roommate? T.J. Miller can’t catch a break

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Question of the Week: What’s one thing you would change about your childhood?

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