What We Do

60 Shots To Fame is hosted by David “Murph” Murphy and Madaline Jones and is your one and only Power Hour interview show. If Inside The Actors Studio was set in a bar it would be getting closer to the awesomeness that is 60 Shots To Fame! It’s like The View with a bottle of booze as we sit down with celebs for a little un-sobering Q&A all while taking a shot of their favorite beverage every minute before answering a new question. So grab your drink and drink along for 60 Shots to Fame…cause the more we drink, the crazier the questions

Meet our Team

Hosts Murph & Madaline Jones handle the mics, while our Boys of Noise, Brian Angely and Bryan Argott man the engineering table, Curtis Smith and Steve Seidel help Produce from the city of our favorite Eagles, Brotherly Love. 

David Murphy is an international comedian born and raised in Los Angeles. He's performed at the Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory, and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and London. He's done over 40 national commercials for companies like Apple, Nissan, McDonald's, Miller Lite, Tide, and Home Depot. He also did a worldwide campaign for Captain Morgan. When Murph’s not topping off the humor as the host of 60 Shots to Fame, he’s either reflecting on is time working with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, or breaking hearts as a Hollywood hustler. 

Madaline Jones is an LA based actor and comedy nut, born and bred in America's most beloved city: Cleveland, Ohio. Performing since the age of 7, Madaline has studied at various institutions in Cleveland, New York and Los Angeles. While studying at Fordham University in NYC, her love of comedy sucked her straight into the arms of the Upright Citizens Brigade, where her improv career began. When Madaline is not cackling on the mic on 60 Shots to Fame, she is usually writing twisted comedic shorts, talking to animals or doing research for her lifelong project: Finding Dad. 

Brian Angely is part of amazing duo of The Boys of Noise has been working with sound his entire life and he brings those vital skills to the 60 Shots To Fame team. Whether playing in his band or producing sound design on over 100+ programs, Brian’s innate audio gifts gives 60 Shots to Fame it’s much needed professional sound. Most notably, Brian has been a sound sensei on Jimmy Kimmel Live since it inception, 14 years ago. If you ever tune in to watch Jimmy talking to kids or Drake doing a man on the street interviews you can thank Brian, who is silently in the background making sure it each laugh and humorous reaction sound amazing. 

Bryan Argott is an entrepreneur, fitness and podcast guru who finishes his morning work out, before most people even start to think about dragging themselves out of bed in the morning. Hustling during the day and podcasts at night Bryan is a non-stop creative machine who believes in not wasting a precious moment of life. His podcast Running Towards Freedom at BryanArgott.com highlights the key components to becoming a better version of yourself and living the life you want. He credits much of his success to his favorite book, Freelance to Freedom and his love for 'The Birds'.

Curtis Smith is based in both Philly and Los Angeles and is our bi-coastal producer of the team. It was only a matter of time before Curtis’ love of booze found its way onto a podcast, given he’s the founder & organizer of several Power Hour Clubs and is the 60 Shots To Fame record holder for chugging a full beer in under 5 seconds. With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry and a love of cold ones & aged whiskey, he brings a unique perspective to our show. When he’s not helping us out, he’s creating & selling TV shows and forever chasing his dream of one day owning a Back To the Future style hover-board. Feel free to check him on IMDB, he’s done some stuff. (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2618092/).

Steve Seidel is hustler with many hats and has created, written and hosted various shows across multiple platforms. Recently he hosted his own self-help podcast called RenegadeReporting.com. Steve’s also hosted and produced 70+ episodes of MSN's "DV Guide", 24 episodes of "McMayhem" on My Damn Channel, voted 'What to Watch on the Web' 5 Times by USA Today, and served up the scoop on E! Online daily show "What the What". Although Steve now is often wrangling in all the madness that comes with being a co-host and producer of 60 Shots to Fame, he has never forgotten his Philly roots. He loves talking cheesesteaks and Eagles with his fellow bird lovers and teammates, The Boys of Noise.